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A fast paced game played across four boards

14 October 2020

This is the first rules book using the Building Rules for Gaming Battles guidelines. It was written for a participation game we wanted to demonstrate at shows in 2019. Now you can get a copy of the rules for yourself. It comes with a Battle of Rosebud Creek extension

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Write your own rules using our seven step process

27 November 2020

Have you ever wanted to write your own rules? Then Building Rules for Gaming Battles is the book for you.  Just follow the processes, guidelines and templates set out in our new publication and you can design your very own set of rules for any battle you choose

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Cooking up a smoke marker for Fire and Move

16 March 2020

There are lots of reference to the "ammunition cooking off" when a tank gets "brewed up". Our job was to try and capture that in the smoke markers we have been making for the Fire and Move game. Our first efforts literally melted. But this time it looks like we may have cracked it thanks to our new secret ingredient

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When destroyed markers get melty, melty

13 March 2020

We had a cunning plan involving paper clips and low denomination coinage to make the markers that show when a tank is on fire for our Fire and Move game.  But even the best laid plans of mice and wargamers can go awry. And our plan simply melted away in front of our eyes.

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