Write your own rules using our seven step process

27 November 2020

Building Rules for Gaming Battles is now available from the Wargamer Collection Calculator bookstore and is selling fast.

The publication sets out the processes and guidelines used by Peter Riley to write a series of rules for battles and provides a unique seven-step system to help other wargamers write their own set of rules.

All of the rules are hex-based and use the same simple turn sequence, which is aimed at player inclusion and helps ensure the game flows and is enjoyable for all.

However, the book acknowledges that some wargamers will prefer to use millimetre measurements to manage movements and sets out how that can work for rule writers following the system.

Wargamers that buy the book will be sent a link to allow them to download a PDF of the Battle of Bunker Hill rules for free.

This is because Peter used the development of the Bunker Hill rules as examples of the processes he uses throughout the Building Rules for Gaming Battles guidelines.

He has also created a series of templated working documents designed to support wargamers when they are creating their own rules.

The seven-step system includes specific sub-processes to work through at each stage. They are:

  1. Work the Guidelines
  2. Setting the SceneDefine the Battle
  3. Create the Rules
  4. Finalise the Rulebook
  5. Improve by Playtest
  6. Play the Game

“You don’t need to follow these guidelines religiously once you have got the basics right,” writes Peter in the book. “However, it is important to follow them until you have experience of how they work. Then you can experiment for yourselves with all sorts of add-ons that you might want to try.”

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