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Preview of Fire and Move - Infantry

08 September 2021

A sneek preview of another new ruleset about to roll off Peter's extremely creative production line. It now just needs some final edits and perhaps some re-writes based on play testing before we send it off to the printer's and make it available on this website.

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Coming soon - The Battle of Blore Heath 1459

27 July 2021

A sneek preview of our new ruleset. It just needs some final edits and re-writes after play testing and a bit more design work on the pages. And then we will be ready to publish and offer it to you on our website

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A busy year at Collection Calculator

28 December 2020

2020 will always be defined as a challenging year. However, the lockdown has allowed us to march on with a number of interesting projects at Collection Calculator - not least our new publishing venture. 

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