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Fast and furious action from start to finish

17 December 2021

A new ruleset written by Peter Riley about World War Two “Infantry” actions is available in our bookstore now. Its fun to play, easy to set up and keeps all the players involved during every turn.

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Preview of Fire and Move - Infantry

08 September 2021

A sneek preview of another new ruleset about to roll off Peter's extremely creative production line. It now just needs some final edits and perhaps some re-writes based on play testing before we send it off to the printer's and make it available on this website.

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Coming soon - The Battle of Blore Heath 1459

27 July 2021

A sneek preview of our new ruleset. It just needs some final edits and re-writes after play testing and a bit more design work on the pages. And then we will be ready to publish and offer it to you on our website

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