Coming soon - The Battle of Blore Heath 1459

27 July 2021

This is what the front cover may look like. We are very keen on covers that feature our own painted troops, properly based units and a good-looking terrain setting.

The front cover highlights our own distinct style. However,  you can also see that this ruleset features a change from 6mm to 10mm. All the figures are from the Pendraken late medieval range .

The back cover again shows our scale agnostic approach to wargaming, by focusing on the base size rather than the scale of the figures.

We followed the Building Rules for Gaming Battles seven steps style, experimenting with another set of rules, just to see if BRfGB was flexible enough to use in the conversion.

So we took our, as yet unpublished, set of rules “a Corruption of Blood" that covers the whole war in 60 pages, then reworked them down a manageable 20-ish pages for the Battle of Blore Heath.

It must be said that these produce a very different game and they follow the seven steps. The key thing here is that it works and hopefully at some point in the future we can publish them and the colonial set.

The Battle of Blore Heath 1459 covers the main areas of the rules and all the usual content, such as the Order of Battle, Battle Map, Special Rules, Battle Briefing and the all-important Introduction.

We also have a description of the troops and bases used in the game.

And we have an excerpt from the Order of Battle showing some of the Yorkist troops

Finally we have a selection of some pictures of the game in action. Here is the cavalry charge across the river

The Billmen and dismounted Men at Arms face off with artillery in support.

And finally, a top down view of the action