A selection of rules for Gaming Battles, written by Peter Riley. Each set of rules can be purchased as a pdf at Wargamer Vault.

All of the rules are hex-based and use the same simple turn sequence, which is aimed at player inclusion and helps ensure the game flows and is enjoyable for all. Each set of rules contains orders of battles, diagrams and a play sheet.

Peter has also written a Building Rules book that details the seven-step process he used to design each of these wargames - absolutely essential reading for anyone who wants to create their own set of rules. To purchase any book from Wargamer Vault, please follow this link.

  • Building Rules for Gaming Battles (Download)

  • Building Rules for Gaming Battles (Printed)

  • Fire and Move - Infantry

  • Fire and Move Armour

  • Scenario for Fire and Move - Infantry

  • The Battle of Blore Heath

  • The Battle of Bunker Hill

  • The Battle of Cropredy Bridge

  • The Battle of Kirbekan

  • The Battle of the Little Bighorn