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The Collection Calculator has been created by tabletop wargame enthusiasts Peter Riley and David Pead.

Peter Riley is a well-known Polemos Rules writer. His credits include:

  • Polemos American Civil War - Crisis of Allegiance & On They Came
  • Polemos Franco Prussian War of 1870 - Kommandant der Armee & Commandant de Bataille
  • Polemos Franco Prussian War Supplement to the Risorgiamento of 1859 - Feldzeugmeister & Fratelli D'Italia
  • Polemos Franco Prussian War Supplement to the Austro Prussian war of 1866 - Bruderkrieg & DeutscherKrieg
  • Polemos Colonial Wars - A Steady and Deliberate Fire
  • Polemos Wars of the Roses - Corruption of Blood
  • Polemos American Civil War Companion Books for both - Crisis of Allegiance & On They Came

The idea for a Collection Calculator emerged from a conversation between Riley and Pead at the Colours Wargames show in Newbury on how best to keep a good record of all the elements in a growing collection.

The pair, who both work professionally in the world of on-line publishing, set out to create a web-based Table of Organisation & Equipment (TOE) that could be used by wargamers to record the details of their collections. As the project developed, they realised the programme could be adapted to also include valuations that would be useful when wargamers wished to sell or insure their collections.

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