Ordering your collection details the way you want them

29 January 2021

We have upgraded our Collection Calculator software to allow users to reorder the details of their collections within the database.

The idea for the upgrade came from a collection calculator user who got in touch to ask us how he could order his armies based on title or description.

We immediately understood how useful a tool like that would be for wargamers using the collection calculator database and asked our developers to come up with a solution.

The new functionality works by showing a hand when you hover over your collection details. When you right click the item you can pick it up and move it to wherever you want within the list.

This new functionality does not work on mobiles given the space requirements of the lists. So, you need to work on a desktop to reorganise any of your lists.

You can find out more on the Wargamer Collection Calculator Help Site.

Reordering your Collection | WargamerCollectionCalculator (helpsite.com)

Reodering the details list | WargamerCollectionCalculator (helpsite.com)