Have yourself a merry little podcast

30 December 2020

Peter Riley’s rule writing was discussed at some length in the Christmas podcast of God’s Own Scale.

The topic was opened when the show’s host, Sean Clark, asked Dan Hodgson of Reveille Painting his plans for 2021.

He ran through a list of projects that he has lined up, and then said: “I’ve been looking for some rules that I could use at a show and I’ve just ordered Peter Riley’s Building Rules for Gaming Battles – which is great, actually.” 

Ticking all the boxes for me

“I read it and it is ticking all the boxes for me. He uses the hexes terrain which speeds things up.” 

The theme was picked up by Per Broden from Roll a One, who said: “I recommend anyone who’s interested in tanks to check out Peter’s Fire and Move Armour rules. It’s a hidden gem as well.”

“It’s platoon-based tank combat and my son plays it and he said he’s looking forward to having a game with me. He said the rules were really good.”

“You can believe it when a 12-year-old reading a set of rules thinks they’re brilliant. That’s a good recommendation. So, we are going to play that in the next few days as I bought him a set.”

I can recommend the Building Rules for Gaming Battles

“Peter Riley really has got his finger on the pulse,” Dan responded. “He’s very much on the same sort of lines as me. He’s got the hexons and he speeds it up for a participation game. So, I can recommend the Building Rules for Gaming Battles. They’re generic, you can use them for any period - great stuff.” 

Sean then jumped in: “I picked up the core book, the building rules for battles,” he said, “and the Little Bighorn pack as well, and never having written rules myself, it’s something that has really piqued my interest. I think I’ve mentioned this before about trying to do Rorke’s Drift. So, that’s something that I’ll be looking at.”

“I really like the work Peter’s done and I think he’s actually starting on the infantry side of things now as well to go along with the armour rules that he’s written.

“I’ve had the pleasure of reading his unpublished ‘War of the Roses’ rules,” said Per. “They are equally fantastic.”

“I’m really happy that he’s getting out there a little bit more with these rules because Peter has this intense knowledge. We used to talk about fire drill and colonial times and how they were fighting - and I’m talking about the British Colonial here, not the Dark Age Colonial era. 

“Peter gives you the same level of engagement you get when you listen to someone like Richard Clarke. And you get someone that doesn’t create games based on rolling a few dice and then hoping that someone dies on the other side, but he tries to recreate something in a fun but realistic way. And that’s what I like - I want that.”

You can find out more about all the books written by Peter Riley (left) at our Bookstore by following this link