A busy year at Collection Calculator

28 December 2020

Over the last twelve months we have written, proofed and play tested several sets of rules and a guide on how to create them for yourself.

We have also turned ourselves into a mailing house where we have designed and delivered a fully working bookstore, for the sale and delivery of the PDF and Softback versions of our books for the WCC website.

Collection Calculator Shop 

We also designed, created, painted and finished a few more demo games for wargaming shows. However, as you know we had to cancel them as the pandemic took hold. Never fear though, we are still committed to bringing them along and giving you chance to play one of them as soon as we are all allowed to mingle again.

This is now ready to go Bunker Hill 

Also, this one Fire and Move Armour

Plus Cropredy Bridge

And not forgetting the first and the original Little Bighorn

What a choice, eh?

We are busy working on other projects too:

We have done the Blore Heath rules and we are working through tweaking them and getting the troops ready for the photo shoots. We are also writing a set of Fire and Move Infantry rules and already have the troops but we just need to finish basing and painting them.

Ancients is on the back burner at the moment and I found more building to paint. We are also still trying to get insurance companies interested in a deal for you wargamers as well.

We would like to thank all of those who have supported, mentioned and helped us since we started with the website. It’s a real labour of love.

Happy New Year!