A fast and fun game about “tanks”

22 December 2020

Fire and Move – Armour is a game about “tanks” that is fun and easy to play and can be played with any tanks and terrain that you may have.

It is the first of Peter Riley’s rules books that doesn’t relate to a specific historical battle, despite using all the guidelines set out in the original Building Rules for Gaming Battles publication.

“I wanted a game that is fast and involves everyone,” said Peter. “The action should be continuous for all players. Just because you have the best tank, with better armour and a bigger gun, you should not automatically win.”

The rules focus on the things that can happen quickly in combat and by speeding these elements up the game moves along at pace. Players will need to concentrate on the opponent’s moves, instead of sitting around waiting their turn.

Platoons are the basic command level. This means the game allows several platoons of tanks to co-operate together in battle.

“This co-operation came from wireless chatter at the Tank, Platoon HQ and battalion HQ level,” explains Peter. “So, things could move very quickly in these battles as each Tank and Platoon reacted to external, internal and commands.”

The inspiration for the rules came from tank warfare in Normandy during World War 2. The play testing scenario used in the development of this publication is a battle in August 1944 where the Allies killed German panzer ace Michael Wittmann and knocked out his Platoon of Tiger tanks during Operation Totalize.

The printed book and downloadable pdf are available from our bookstore. The package includes the Rules for the wargame, a Tank Table, a Playsheet, Designer’s notes and details of the Wittmann scenario.