Preview of Fire and Move - Infantry

08 September 2021

We have again focused on our own painted troops, properly based units and some nice-looking terrain for Fire and Move - Infantry and we are particularly happy with our painted multi-purpose terrain, which crosses a lot of settings and helps to keep the costs of the game down.

We have also moved back to 6mm for this game as we focused on a 30x30mm basing strategy to represent half sections or half squads. This approach helps with the game in that it helps represent the company organisations.

We continue to follow our current design for the publication because we like the simplicity of the front and back covers where we just show views of the game in action.

When Peter began his research he went back to his tried and trusted Osprey books. These three books really help flesh out the approach for the game.

Once again, he used the Building Rules for Gaming Battles seven steps process, experimenting with different areas to give a basic format and then add some details and extras.

The publication includes the main areas of the rules and has all the usual contents, such as the Scenario, Battle Map, Special Rules, Patrolling and the all-important Introduction.

There is a description of the troops and bases used in the game.

And a list of the areas where tried to streamline the rules to ensure the game is fun but challenging.

We also added some additional material that would flesh out the game.

Here are some pictures we took of the game itself.

Moving in file along the road

Attacking the windmill, with flanking support 

And developing the attack