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A busy year at Collection Calculator

28 December 2020

2020 will always be defined as a challenging year. However, the lockdown has allowed us to march on with a number of interesting projects at Collection Calculator - not least our new publishing venture. 

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A fast and fun game about “tanks”

22 December 2020

This is the first of Peter Riley’s rule books that doesn’t relate to a specific historical battle, despite using all the guidelines set out in the original Building Rules for Gaming Battles publication.

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A classic English Civil War battle

15 December 2020

The Earl of Essex and Sir William Wallers armies chased the Royalists across the Southern Midlands in June 1644. The showdown finally happened at Cropredy Bridge, just north of Banbury in Oxfordshire

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Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes

14 October 2020

It is unlikely that Colonel Prescott gave that exact command during the Battle of Bunker Hill. Mind you, the battle between the British and the American rebels in 1775 didn’t even occur at Bunker Hill, despite its name. However, our new Rules will help bring the battle alive

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