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Popular Rules Sets - Bolt Action WWII

07 December 2018

We examine the ever popular Bolt Action wargame and compare the values of the British Airborne Starter Army with German Grenadiers. Are you pricing your forces correctly?

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Popular Rules Sets - DBA 15mm

15 November 2018

The first in a series of articles looking at popular sets of rules and our take at Collection Calculator on relative values when bought and then when painted and based. We start with DBA 15mm

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Painting the native American Indians

05 November 2018

The native Americans at the Battle of the Little Bighorn came from tribes that lived across the vast area of the Great Plains, so it easy to appreciate why they are so different in dress, lifestyle and history. It's going to make painting them a task and a half 

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Peter's painting progress

01 November 2018

Peter has been keeping a record of the progress he has made after each painting session with Custer's 7th Cavalry for our Participation Game.  

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