Popular Rules Sets - Bolt Action WWII

07 December 2018

British Airborne Starter Army - £50

British HQ - £6
3 Paratrooper Sections 30 - £26
Vickers MMG team - £7
Medium Mortar team with Spotter - £7
Light Mortar PIAT team - £6
Sniper & Flamethrower team (Veteran) - £6
QF 6-pdr anti-tank gun - £13

To Buy = £71.00 Finished Valuation = £222.48


German Grenadiers

German HQ - £6
3 Squads of German Grenadiers 30 Figures - £26
1 Stug III Ausf G with Schürzen - £20
Puma armoured car - £18
Pak 40 anti-tank gun - £16
81mm Mortar team - £7
MG42 MMG team - £7

To Buy = £100.00 Finished Valuation = £259.40

For both forces presented as painted, built and based: Total Price = £481.88 

With over 23,000 copies of the first edition sold, the second edition is a best-selling set of rules. Bolt Action is written by veteran game designers Alessio Cavatore and Rick Priestley.

We found pricing on eBay for similar sized armies ranging from £300.00 to around £220.00. With individual vehicles at around £200.00 and individual sections or squads of 10 figures at around £50.00 to £85.00 with some at around £30.00. Tanks are averaging about £60 and the Artillery about £25 to £35. If you wanted to buy 30 painted to order they start at about £60 up to £146 for 30 figures.

So prices vary, but by the time you have done all of the work to on them why would you sell them for less then you at least paid for them? Collection Calculator can help. We added the USER DEFINED PRICE which means you enter the price of the figure that you paid for them and the rest is easy.

Again we have found a big variance in the way people are setting the pricing. Really undervaluing their work or vastly overpricing it. This is a clear sign that wargamers need some guidance on placing an actual realistic value on their work.

When you think about the processes of  basing them and then painting them, then adding in the cost of the paints, glues and materials together with your time. You should certainly not undervalue your work on the figures you have prepared. You also do not want them to be overvalued if you are after a sale.

Take the time to enter your collections on the Collection Calculator just to get a line on the real value of your units and armies. By putting them through the Collection Calculator process and getting the valuation this will give you a guide to what you should be asking. You can then at least sell them at a reasonable and informed price.