Popular Rules Sets - Warhammer 40,000 28mm

27 November 2018

Space Marines

10 Tactical Squad
5 Terminators
2 Heroes
1 Dreadnought
1 Rhino
1 Predator

To Buy = £169.50
Finished Valuation = £321.9



7 Ork Warboss Mob
11 Ork Boyz
5 Ork Kommandos
5 Ork Stormboyz
3 Killa Kans
1 Deffa Battlewagon
1 Mek Gunz: Bubbblechukka

To Buy = £193.50
Finished Valuation = £381.05 

For both armies presented as painted, built and based : Total Price = £702.55 

Our Games Workshop example armies above are indicative of the cost of a small force of their figures.

We have a Space Marine force versus an Ork force. Each has some infantry, some characters and some heavy vehicle options.

These forces are not cheap and to buy in the raw would cost £363. By the time you have built, based and painted them, why would you sell them for less then you at least paid for them? Collection Calculator can help.

GW pricing does not fit most of the pricing models we have encountered, and the variable pricing is very different across their ranges. To cover this we added the USER DEFINED PRICE which means you enter the price of the figure that you paid for them and the rest is easy. 

Looking on eBay we found a GW painted army at £1,250 for 29 figures. The lowest price we found was £4.99 for an individual figure. So, once again, we are finding big fluctuations in how the pricing is being pitched on the eBay platform. People are either really undervaluing their work or vastly overpricing it.  This is a clear sign that wargamers need some guidance on placing an actual realistic value on their work.

£4.99 is very low when the average for a single basic Space Marine to buy is £5.10. And at £43.10 for each figure in our £1,250 example above is far too high, you should be making enough time to enter them on the Collection Calculator to get a line on the real value of your units and armies.

By putting them through the Collection Calculator process you can then sell them at a reasonable and informed price. Alternatively, you can keep them and bask in the glow of knowing the true valuation of your armies. Most wargamers are genuinely surprised at how much their collection is now worth.