Popular Rules Sets - Flames of War WWII 15mm

14 December 2018

British Airborne Starter Army £50

British HQ - 3 Figures
Assault Section Nelson - 39 Figures
Assault Section Rodney - 39 Figures
Assault Section Drake - 12 Figures
Assault Section Jellicoe - 13 Figures
Assault Section Hardy - 13 Figures

To Buy = £47.50
Finished Valuation = £183.26 


German Reinforced Garrison

2 x German HQ Radar/La Presbytere - 4 Figures
2 x Squads German Grenadiers - 30 Figures
German HQ La Presbytere Radar - 4 Figures
8 x Squads German Grenadiers - 80 Figures
4 x HMG German Grenadiers Chateau - 12 Figures
3x Armoured Cars – Sdkfz’s -

To Buy = £77.00
Finished Valuation = £247.60

For both forces presented as painted, built and based: Total Price = £430.74

Battlefront Miniatures Flames of War table top wargame is set in WWII, Vietnam or the Arab - Israeli War. In 15mm scale they provide scenery, rulebooks and accessories to help you re-enact battles.

On eBay, prices range from £65 to around £75 for painted units of around 39 Figures. Individual vehicles can go from around £20 each to as low as £8. So there are bargains to had, but the cheaper ones tend to be in a bidding process. And some individual tanks are being sold at around £45.

So prices vary, but by the time you have done all of the work on them why would you sell them for less than you at least paid for them?

Collection Calculator can help. We added the USER DEFINED PRICE which means you enter the price of the figure that you paid for them and the rest is easy.

We have found a big variance in the way people are setting their own pricing. Some wargamers really undervalue their work while others vastly overpricing it. This is a clear sign that wargamers need some guidance on placing an actual realistic value on their work.

When you think about the processes you have to go through, from basing  and then painting them, then add in the cost of the paints, glues and materials and the time you spent on them, you should certainly not undervalue them.  Mind you, you will not want to overvalue your work if you want a quick sale.

Take the time to enter your collections on the Collection Calculator to find out the real value of your units and armies. You can then at least sell them, if you want to, at a reasonable and informed price.