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Building Rules for Playing Battles

14 October 2019

Peter has written more than 15,000 words for a new book that we hope will make it easier for wargamers to write and publish rules for battles. Now we have to sort out all the pictures, diagrams and layouts

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Rosebud Creek

22 August 2019

The Battle of Rosebud Creek may have had a big impact on Custer's Last Stand a week later. You can now download a free scenario for the battle from the Wargamer Collection Calculator website with full Orders of Battle for both sides, updated Movement, Fire & Melee tables and a full map. 

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WCC new editions of rules

18 August 2019

Wargamer Collections Calculator will soon be releasing some new rules based on existing materials alongside its current three sets of free rules. All are designed for fast play tabletop wargames or participation games using the Rules for Playing Battles series. 

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Rules for Gaming Battles

11 August 2019

Have you ever wanted to play, make or design your own simple set of rules? You know, the ones that are easy, quick and fun to play? Then Building Rules for Gaming Battles may be just the thing for you.

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Recycle, Rebase and Reuse

20 May 2019

We've risked life and limb and suffered a nasty flesh wound or two as we begin a new project based on recycling figures that served Peter well in the long distant past

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A Salute 2019 triumph

08 April 2019

We took our new participation game and a few of our closest friends to Salute 2019 and were completely bowled over to end a brilliant and entertaining day with the Award for Best Participation Game at the Show. 

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