Building Rules for Playing Battles

14 October 2019

The first draft of Building Rules for Gaming Battles (BRfGB) has been completed by Peter. And what a task it was. . .  

It’s far from the finished article as we now have to work together to sort out the pictures, diagrams and layouts. But it is already just over 15,000 words in 12 sections, written in a wargaming rules style for familiarity. With luck it will have covered all any wargamer would need to start writing a series of rules for battles.

The aim is that these the rules will be playable and fun for all ages of player - from the grognards, through club players and the newbies. We are also hoping that clubs may see this as a way of engaging and enthusing younger players into the wargaming community. We hope that the rules wargamers will be able to generate from these guidelines will provide a simple, fast and easy way of getting people into gaming.

If you have always wanted to design a game that you want to play from any period or if you like a particular battle then use these guidelines to design it.

The book will be supported by a previous set of Rules for Gaming Battles as a guide with templates to give you step by step examples.

Throughout the book we build a new set of Rules for Battles and use them to explain how to focus your game, looking at the key processes involved in its creation and how to manage the design of a new game.

Watch this space as we have several ideas in the pipeline to support these rules, mainly in the shape of a Rules for Wargaming Portal, a User Forum and Publishing Support if needed.