Design your rules to suit any scale you want

11 November 2019

Even though Peter has completed the first draft of 15,000 words for our next planned publication "Building Rules for Gaming Battles", it is becoming a real task getting everything finalised and ready for print. 

At the moment we have been gathering figures for use in photos for the book. We want to demonstrate how all the various scales can fit on our preferred base size of 60x30mm.

This is because the guidelines on how to build rules will be scale agnostic, so that you can design the rules to suit the scale of figures you prefer or own.

We have taken various photos of figures at different scales on 60x30mm bases or 30x30mm. Bases can of course be of any size that fits your vision of the game, how many figures you want to represent a unit and what type of playing area you have.

6mm American War of Independence (above) and 15mm English Civil War Foot and Cavalry (below)

We are already planning several new battles to put through our system and processes. These will be at various scales and periods so we can show how versatile the system really is. 

The next set is the Battle of Bunker Hill 1775 in 6mm. After that we plan an English Civil War battle, Cropredy Bridge 1644.

We are going to design this battle as a 15mm game using some of Peter's old figures from way back when he was 18 or 19 years old.

Once they have been given the Per Broden Nut Brown ink treatment and some flock and a bit of re-basing, we will be on our way.

This looks as though it is going to be a nice little project for our Monday nights wargaming and building club, which starts again in early January 2020

We are also beginning to research an ancient battle, which may or not be based on 10mm Republican Romans (pictured right) as we have a Carthaginian army that will oppose them.

However, we are still unsure as to whether to press on with the Republicans Romans or to or move to a 15mm Polybian Romans vs Selucids scenario.

Whatever we choose we will still have to come up with a battle, finish the troops and then write the rules for them.

As an alternative we do have some 20mm ish (1/72) Zevzda Hoplites, which need painting. This might be a cheaper option, as well as a good scale for a fast-moving Hoplite battle.

Arggh! Too many choices! Now we are thinking that his could turn into Greeks vs Persians or even to see if a Hoplite vs Macedonian confrontation at the Battle of Chaeronea would work. 

As always in the madness, we keep throwing things into the mix and are even starting to think about working on some larger scale stuff for possible future games. But we will talk about that in our next blog.