New bookstore launched offering rules for four battles and game design guidelines

12 October 2020

Wargamer Collection Calculator has launched a bookstore on its website offering rules for wargaming battles based on the Building Rules for Gaming Battles guidelines.

All the books have been written by Peter Riley, joint Founder of the Collection Calculator website and a well-known Polemos Rules writer.

The key publication is Building Rules for Gaming Battles, which is only available as a printed book. This sets out the processes and guidelines used for writing the rules for battles on offer and provides a unique seven step system to help other wargamers write their own set of rules.

Each set of rules can be purchased as book or downloaded as a pdf. The following publications are all available now:

  • The Battle of Bunker Hill
  • The Battle of Cropredy Bridge
  • The Battle of the Little Bighorn (including Battle of Rosebud Creek)
  • Fire and Move – Armour

All of the rules are hex-based and use the same simple turn sequence, which is aimed at player inclusion and helps ensure the game flows and is enjoyable for all. Each set of rules contains orders of battles, diagrams and a play sheet.

The first game written using the Building Rules for Gaming Battles guidelines, The Battle of the Little Bighorn, won the Award for Best Participation Game at Salute 2019.

“The main reason behind designing the Rules for Gaming Battles was our need for a simple set of rules for a participation game,” said Peter Riley. “We wanted it to be fun, interesting and quick to play.

“We could not find any commercial set of rules that would meet our criteria, so I decided to write my own. I then realised I had created a process that could be replicated to reflect any number of different battles.”

The result is a seven-step design system that can be used by any wargamer to create their own set of rules to play their own battles in the way they envisage it.

Find out more at our Bookstore by following this link