New upgrade gives faster data uploads for collection details

09 May 2020

Uploading collections to our database has been made quicker and easier with the introduction of a new Bulk Data Management function.

The new process allows users of our site to work on their wargamer collections in a CSV file on their laptop or computer and then upload the information directly into the Collection Calculator database.

The new Bulk Data Management function allows wargamers to do several operations much more quickly. These include:

  • Upload new collections to their user account
  • Add units to an existing collection
  • Edit existing collections
  • Delete existing units and collections

Our developers have created the new function in the software running our database on the Collection Calculator site following several requests from regular users of the website. 

The process involves downloading a template from the Collection Calculator website. There are different templates to download, depending on what the user wants to do.

Once downloaded, the template can be completed quickly – particularly if the wargamer already has a list of their units and collections on their laptop or computer and can quickly paste them into the template.

The full instructions for downloading the templates and uploading the latest details about your collections are set out on our helpsite, at this link