When destroyed markers get melty, melty

13 March 2020

We are going to create markers so we will have the fire and flame of the burning tank and the smoke that comes from that for our Fire and Move game.

We will achieve this by simply using peanut packing, paper clips, pennies and gorilla super as well as some grey, black, yellow and red acrylic paint.

If you do not have access to British Sterling, then any other currency coinage or base of a similar size and type will do.

To start the process, we simply bent the paper clip, so it will stand up on the coin and fix with the gorilla glue and wait to dry.

The next stage is to put some gorilla glue on the top of the paper clip and then push the down on the peanut packaging and wait to dry again.

Once dry we paint the peanut packing by dipping it in grey acrylic paint.  And then we wait again for the paint to dry and see where we are in the process so we can proceed to the next stage. 


 Once dipped the peanut packaging seemed to melt rather than being coated in paint. They went from proud smoke columns to vaporising in front of us like the doomed Nazi assembly in that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

So, we tried the process again with some 50/50 PVA to see if this would work as a protective coat for the peanut vs paint battle!  Same thing - melty, melty.

Not all wargamers plans work out well, so it’s back to the drawing board on this one.

Will the final solution be cotton wool or steel wool?  Watch this space for further updates. . .