Lord Summerisle’s Company

09 May 2022

Horseguards, or at least those in the know at Horseguards, were surprised when the laird of the most westerly of the Hebridean isles volunteered himself and his militia for the duty. How word had reached Lord Summerisle was never determined, but he spoke of the old ways and the threats that lay within with some fervour.

Bill Lamming, Neville Dickson, Donald Featherstone and more...

02 May 2022

A hobby friend posted this Bill Lamming interview on one of the Facebook groups which got me looking my copy up. Hopefully high enough quality to read/ download. Battle Magazine was/is a great read and a fantastic resource to jump back into. I just picked up a wonderful pile of Wargamer's Newsletter along with another copy of Table Top Talk July 1966 and a very earlier copy of Wargames Terrain by Donald Sutherland.

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Anzac Day battle: Australians v. Italians in the desert

25 April 2022

The Italians have Fucilieri dug around the oasis with an artillery battery in support & 2 paltoons of tanks & 2 platoons of Bersaliagieri in reserve. The Australians have 3 infantry plattons, 2 platoons of Matildas, 2 batteries of 25 pdrs & 2 bugs. (Once again the 3D printer came in handy to add another 3 Matildas)

Hoheigumi (Shogunate heavy infantry) available!

18 April 2022

We are delighted to announce the release of two news codes for our Boshin War range. They are the Hoheigumi (heavy infantry) Sculped by Stavros Zouliatis over Paul Hicks dollies, superb work!
These men were the main force of the Shogunate army. Almost two of this regiment fought during the Battle of Toba-Fushimi as can be seen in a print of the battle.

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Theworkofshaitan superlative painting of Flintloque miniatures

11 April 2022

It was my joy to be given permission over on Instagram where you can find Alternative Armies by a variety of hashtags to show these pictures of painted Flintloque miniatures by Mr Gladdis. He goes by @theworkofshaitan if you wish to see more of his superlative brushwork. See #alternativearmies for what we have been up to in totality on 'the Insta' platform.

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The Minus 3 Rule

04 April 2022

The minus three rule is something I came up with when dealing with a damage and power and win deficit I was suffering from from mid December to mid February. I need a mechanism to limit losses and keep me playing more when I was winning. So I came up with this. It’s related actually to a comment made to me by a Triarii clan leader, who said, more or less, if you’re not having fun, you should stop playing.

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