Demi's Log: Undead army wyvern #1

07 November 2022

October was pretty busy month.
I had it all planned but unexpected load of work from real life pushed away whole painting I was hoping to finish. Life's a b!tch, but apparently that's nothing but yesterday news. 
Hoping to get on track again, so after returning from this year's Oldhammer Weekend I decided to add some more models to the Undead army. Not that I expect to start playing Warhammer Fantasy Battle on regular basis (or playing it at all...), but working on fantasy themed stuff is just fun: lots of colors and lots of ideas contrary to Bolt Action armies for example.

Campaigns of General William Augustus Pettygree: EMPIRE OF WRATH Chapter 1

31 October 2022


My dear readers, Empire of Wrath takes place in an imagineered region of The Northwest Frontier on the Indian Sub-Continent. There I will face my most cunning, dangerous and malevolent opponent ever. You will meet him soon enough. Meanwhile, perhaps you will remember my 10th Hussar familiars as they commence this new and perilous adventure. They are en-route to take post at old abandoned Fort Albert. Let's get started with Chapter 1.

Baber on wargames: Drive to the Sea April 1938

24 October 2022

The Rebel offensive which began at Belchite on March 10th continues a pace, the government forces have no answer to the Rebels overwhelming air support and artillery. The entire front has shattered and the Rebels are now trying to drive south to the sea and split Catalonia and Valencia!

As columns spread out south towards the Mediterranean, one such column meets up with the enemy!

Analogue Hobbies: 2mm Romans and Barbarians for 'Strength & Honour' and 'To the Stongest'

17 October 2022

Earlier this spring I picked up Mark Blackhouse's 'Strength & Honour' which has been recently released through the Too Fat Lardies' Reisswitz Press imprint. A few years ago I participated in a very early playtest session with Mark and really enjoyed many of the concepts he had developed for his rules. Well, I can say that the finished product is absolutely terrific, and a real credit to all his hard work.

Zatu Games: Regicide Review

10 October 2022

Regicide is a challenging cooperative card game for 1-4 players. To win, players must work together by playing cards to defeat 12 tough enemies. In essence you are running the gauntlet to defeat the final King and commit Regicide! It’s a limited communication game, much like The Crew: Mission Deep Sea and The Quest for Planet Nine. Regicide comes in a tiny package that fits right into your pocket – it’s the size of a deck of cards so it’s perfect for travel!

Yarkshire Gamer: 28mm Papal Dragoons for the Risorgimento

26 September 2022

I've finally put the finishing touches to my Papal Army for the Battle of Mentana by adding a unit of Papal Dragoons. The figures are from Gringo 40s, they aren't always avaliable on the Website but I managed to sweet talk the owner Gd Cronin to get some made up and it was well worth it.