When life gives you Triremes, make an ancient fleet…

01 July 2020

Julian turned his “accidental order” from Outpost Wargaming of hundreds of Triremes into the Battle of Pylos. Despite some tricky geography, he managed to create the perfect battle ground for the Spartans and Athenians using the information from a nineteenth century summary and a map of the battle.

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Random Wargames Meanderings goes Dark Age Irish

05 June 2020

Mike purchased the Wargames Atlantic Dark Age Irish kit in order to build a home bred opponent for the Norse-Gaels in his Viking army. By building the army to Lion Rampant unit sizes, it allows the units to be broken down to suit smaller games if necessary. The bulk of the army will be made up of Yeomen troops with javelins, along with regular Irish, wolfhounds and Foot Sgt fighters.

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Harnessing a mobile hut on the wargaming table

09 May 2020

Painterman has got interested in huts on wheels. Apparently, they appear quite regularly in the background landscapes of medieval illustrations, mainly those showing Angels announcing the birth of Christ. Now that’s something that could add a bit of interest in a corner of a wargaming table where little normally happens.

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A figure painting therapy project

05 May 2020

Lee has worked his way through 24 DBN bases in the last three weeks. It has helped him get through 21 days of the lockdown period and renewed his enthusiasm for painting 18mm Napoleonics again. It may be great therapy, but the photos of the 2 x 12 point DBN armies that he’s posted on the blog look pretty cool too

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Spick and span at Dampf's Modelling Page

22 April 2020

The lockdown has given many wargamers the chance to reorganise their workbench. Tony used a trick he spotted on YouTube to have a new, clean work area every time he sits down to work on his projects. He is currently nearing completion on his modified Lowland Dwarves in glorious speckless isolation.

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Its champagne for us and skulls for Him-On-Earth

08 April 2020

Bit of a celebration at Collection Calculator this week. Chris, our Directory's Editor, has uploaded details of the 500th blog in the Directory Link section of our website. The blog taking the honour is Four Colour Super Minis where blogger Rob Bresnan has just completed his first Necromunda gang in 25 years – The Sump City Gor-Liaths where the God-Emperor is offered the skulls of your enemies.

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