Bringing on the next generation - Do’s and don’ts in a next gen mentoring workshop/session

14 March 2022

For those of us who have been doing the game design thing for a long time (too long some might say) it is (to me at least) important to make efforts to bring on the next generation of game designers and encourage, support and mentor those who might want to learn from our experiences. This might be helping out with playtesting, running workshops for new designers or presenting at conferences, workshops etc. There are some things I’ve observed (and done myself) that are helpful, and perhaps less than helpful, when supporting the next generation of game designers.

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Thatched Timber Framed Buildings

06 March 2022

Ok something a little different this week. Some more terrain completed from the stuff I have in the to do pile. So here are 2 finished thatched buildings in 15mm scale. They can be used for lots of periods from the Dark Ages/Early Medieval all the way up to the present day. These are solid resin models and have been hanging around for many years so it was time to get them painted, so they can be used on the table. 

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Demigoddess of Hecate

28 February 2022

Crocodile Games, the masters of mythical-themed wargames, created a limited edition miniature for their 2021 convention season. But as 2021 was a damp squib for conventions, they ran an online event to give them out. A painting contest, and a limited edition – the format could only pander to me more if there was free beer. Read more

Soviet Naval Brigade and more big boxes from John!

04 February 2022

I seem to be settling into regular Sunday updates on painting progress. I have been busy working through these 73 Soviet Naval troops in 20mm scale and they are just about finished now. I spent a fair bit of time looking at images of these uniforms as they seem to range from black to blue.

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