A Question Of Scale: A Wargaming Work In Progress: Misc: ACW in Nat Geog (again!)

08 August 2022

I recently got a(nother) whole bunch of National Geographic magazines (150 issues!). Something I occasionally do. We have tons more, boxed up in our attic! And I posted on here, back in (I think?) 2014-‘ish, about a quest to find several specific issues. Those particular editions dealt with the ACW - around the centenary, so mid-1960s - and featured artwork that had haunted me for decades.

Panzerserra: Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III) Ausf. G - Sd.Kfz. 142/1 - case report

01 August 2022

Today we are going to talk about one of the most important armored vehicles used by the Germans in WWII. It was the attack vehicle with the highest number of units produced by Nazi Germany, with unprecedented effectiveness and reliability. Our theme this time is the Sturmgeschütz III, in its G version. Let's find out more about the Stug III Ausf G...

Olicanalad's Games: Soldiers of Napoleon: First read through (the rules sections) review

25 July 2022

Firstly, this is not a full review, it's simply my first impression of the core rules, especially as regards to them being used by me, and my opinion of the product in general. There is far too much in the book to review in a single concise blog post. However, there is a lot of buzz about these rules so I'll join in the chorus with my two pennies worth. My copy of this rules set, with accompanying boxed deck of 56 cards, arrived yesterday and on opening the box my first impression was favourable.

Napoleonic Therapy: Epic Scots Greys and more ECW's!

17 July 2022

Phew, it's hot! Just to prove that I have not been idle on the commission painting front here is the latest batch towards Graham's Edgehill project. Really enjoyed painting these, some great character pieces in there from Peter Pig plus a few Matchlock Miniatures. I think there a few more to finish this project yet!

Major Thomas Foolery's War Room: Bolt Action Modern - African Market Patrol

11 July 2022

For the latest modern battle, it was time to try out a larger game with all the painted figures I currently have in my modern collection. This would overwhelm the Spectre rules, so we tried the modern Bolt Action variant created by Jay's Wargaming Madness. For this scenario, the Malians started in the center of the table, with the French forces rolling for arrival. 

Le Shakko: Northern Spain, 1812

04 July 2022

The French army retreats, defending the difficult passages to allow a stall, an evacuation, taking advantage of the terrain to establish a temporary line of defense. One of their brigades faces a British point, a little more numerous but heterogeneous. Is it because it is made up of English, Portuguese, Germans and Scots?