The Yarkshire Gamer - Battle of Sheikh Sa'ad 1916

21 February 2020

General Townsend is under siege by Turkish forces at Kut in Mesopotamia. Lt General Alymer has pulled together a relief force of around 10,000 infantry and 1,340 cavalry supported by 42 guns of various calibre. The British task is simple. Break through the Turkish positions at Sheikh Sa’ad and race to Kut to rescue the besieged troops

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A bit of a tidy up before the EIC

19 February 2020

The Responsible One is busy preparing for next week’s European Infinity Challenge with a tidy up of paint chips so all the figures look their best. Then, of course, there are some base rims to sort out as well as gluing his camouflage and smoke silhouettes together. Will it all be done it time?

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Not just old school wargaming but an old laptop to boot

11 February 2020

Chris Gregg has been having computer problems, which stopped the blogs for a while. Now he is up and running with a new hard drive and several wargaming battles to tell us about. He has also added a number of enhanced photos using photoshop that really bring the action to life.

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Wargaming Recon – The road to 350

30 January 2020

Jonathan J. Reinhart has set himself the target of 350 painted miniatures in 2020. He just about managed 350 in 2019, and he’s done 15 miniatures in the last week – so things are looking good. But why set a target like that anyway? It seems to be all about his very large “lead pile”. . .

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Wargaming for grown-ups – Playing “To Ur is Human”

21 January 2020

Trebian takes on Gary using the card deployment system suggested in the rules. This pic-by-pic account takes us through the whole battle with Gary’s army heavier on the missile front and Trebian’s having slightly more in the way of battle carts. As with all good wargames, it went right down to the wire. . .

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Keep your Powder Dry – London Trained Bands

15 January 2020

Trained Bands were a militia of part time soldiers founded in 1571 under Elizabeth I. Each county had one, but London had a number. This blog focuses on the Red Regiment, that mustered its men from Aldgate, Tower and Billingsgate.

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