The Analogue Hobbies Quarantine Challenge

02 April 2020

Every wargamer has a list of projects they can disappear into during this period where we are all stuck at home. However, Curt has gone one step further and created a miniature painting challenge designed to “provide a safe, supportive place for hobbyists to keep in touch during this time of social-distancing and isolation”. Sounds like a good idea? Well, you’ve got to be in it to win it . . .

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Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog has a game plan

31 March 2020

Tim has got into drawing up quarterly plans for his games. And Q1 for 2020 was a big success as he followed his game plan and got to play more than 25 games. But Q2 is now all over the place. It’s going to require a complete rewrite

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Mountain building at Jim’s wargames workbench

18 March 2020

Jim Jackaman needs some wintery mountain terrains for his Wings at War MiG Alley project and thinks he has found a workable and simple solution. His prototype involves a laser cut skirmish tray, crumpled up brown paper, glue and some acrylic paste.

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Pictures from a Wolverhampton exhibition

09 March 2020

Will was at the West Midlands Military Show and heavily involved in a SOTCW game that was set as a German raid on the Imaginary state of Andrevia in 1943. There are some great pics from his game as well as images from other wargames on show at the event

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Building the perfect display cabinet to showcase your figures

02 March 2020

Hansrainer, one of a group of friends running the Massive Voodoo blog on miniature painting and sculpting, has been contemplating how to create a showcase for his figures. He’s now come up with a "Big Plan" involving an Ikea cabinet, some fancy lighting and powertools - big, hefty powertools requiring eye protection and backstop jigs 

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The Yarkshire Gamer - Battle of Sheikh Sa'ad 1916

21 February 2020

General Townsend is under siege by Turkish forces at Kut in Mesopotamia. Lt General Alymer has pulled together a relief force of around 10,000 infantry and 1,340 cavalry supported by 42 guns of various calibre. The British task is simple. Break through the Turkish positions at Sheikh Sa’ad and race to Kut to rescue the besieged troops

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