Keep Your Powder Dry: Colonel Herbert Morley’s Regiment of Horse

27 June 2022

Colonel Herbert Morley’s Regiment of Horse was a combined Regiment of Horse and Dragoons serving in Waller’s Southern Association, then as garrison of Arundel until they were disbanded in 1653. Raised in Sussex in April 1643, the Regiment originally consisted of 80 horse and 100 dragoons. By the end of 1643 their strength rose to about 400 men in total.

Ilkley Old School: DB SYW action

13 June 2022

This afternoon I set up a quick DB SYW game using my small 6mm collection. The game looks a bit like Lobositz and featured the Prussians attacking the Austrians. 3 Austrian Infantry and 2 Cavalry behind the Morellenbach stream had to roll equal or less than the turn number on a D6 before they could cross the stream. The onus was on the Prussians to strike quickly whilst they have the numerical advantage.

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Heresy & Heroes: Dwarf vs Skaven Duel – Relief of a Project Completed

30 May 2022

Well, there you have it. The reason why my hobby has been a bit quiet of late. A dual between a noble dwarf, and a warpstone-crazed skaven. This one has been long in the making, and while I’m relieved it’s done, I’m not as happy with it as I hoped I would be. Not unhappy, but a long way from giddy. Let me explain…

The Men Who Would Be Kings TMWWBKs

23 May 2022

For miniatures games I prefer rules that are simple,fast and give me a good game experience. I have been a fan of the "Rampant" series by Daniel Mersey since I first played Lion Rampant, now I own "Lion(Medieval),Dragon (Fantasy), Rebels & Patriots(AWI, FIW etc)"and now" TMWWBKs (Colonial). I also own his "Dux Bellorum" rules.(Totally different rules system but still excellent).

Bennar Flamebeard - Talomir Tales Part 1

16 May 2022

Bennar Flamebeard belongs to a proud lineage of warriors, knights, and paladins. An only child, he looks to continue on his family's honorable name. However, it has been tarnished by a recent incident between a rival clan of dwarfs, the Ungarts. Framed and cast out by the church he so faithfully protected, he seeks to redeem the Flamebeard's name and have his banner raised again in the church.