A figure painting therapy project

05 May 2020

Lee has worked his way through 24 DBN bases in the last three weeks. It has helped him get through 21 days of the lockdown period and renewed his enthusiasm for painting 18mm Napoleonics again. It may be great therapy, but the photos of the 2 x 12 point DBN armies that he’s posted on the blog look pretty cool too

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Spick and span at Dampf's Modelling Page

22 April 2020

The lockdown has given many wargamers the chance to reorganise their workbench. Tony used a trick he spotted on YouTube to have a new, clean work area every time he sits down to work on his projects. He is currently nearing completion on his modified Lowland Dwarves in glorious speckless isolation.

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Its champagne for us and skulls for Him-On-Earth

08 April 2020

Bit of a celebration at Collection Calculator this week. Chris, our Directory's Editor, has uploaded details of the 500th blog in the Directory Link section of our website. The blog taking the honour is Four Colour Super Minis where blogger Rob Bresnan has just completed his first Necromunda gang in 25 years – The Sump City Gor-Liaths where the God-Emperor is offered the skulls of your enemies.

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The Analogue Hobbies Quarantine Challenge

02 April 2020

Every wargamer has a list of projects they can disappear into during this period where we are all stuck at home. However, Curt has gone one step further and created a miniature painting challenge designed to “provide a safe, supportive place for hobbyists to keep in touch during this time of social-distancing and isolation”. Sounds like a good idea? Well, you’ve got to be in it to win it . . .

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Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog has a game plan

31 March 2020

Tim has got into drawing up quarterly plans for his games. And Q1 for 2020 was a big success as he followed his game plan and got to play more than 25 games. But Q2 is now all over the place. It’s going to require a complete rewrite

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Mountain building at Jim’s wargames workbench

18 March 2020

Jim Jackaman needs some wintery mountain terrains for his Wings at War MiG Alley project and thinks he has found a workable and simple solution. His prototype involves a laser cut skirmish tray, crumpled up brown paper, glue and some acrylic paste.

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