Learning new techniques with random loot crates

04 December 2020

Chris decided to take a punt on Asset Drop, the loot crate for painters where you get sent a small box each month with a selection of paints, tools and other bits and pieces. When the box arrived, he worked through a tutorial on how to paint with that “tricky colour” yellow and a second one on weathering effects - but was it worth the £20 he spent on it.

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Ancient history is worldwide

02 November 2020

There has been a lot of interest in ancient history and ancient wargaming recently. But most of it is focused on Europe. Thomo’s most excellent website is keen to highlight coverage of Asian warfare, and has pointed out that Burmese, Thia and Khmer armies have lagged far behind. He is now researching information about the pre-Jesuit Philippines, but it is proving tricky.

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What will we do with a sunken sail ship?

07 October 2020

What would you do if you had an old Royal Navy ship that had lay dormant for years with missing guns, poor paintwork, masts broken off and a ship’s wheel out of scale? MGB considered converting his hulk into a prison vessel but changed his mind at the last minute and went to work on it. Finally, it was ready to have the RN Ensign added.

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What’s the most boring uniform of the 18th century?

08 September 2020

According to Roly in New Zealand, the award for the dullest attire should go to the Hanoverian Freytag Jägers. They wore plain green coats, with green turn-backs and cuffs with the only hint of ‘colour’ being a single white strap on the left shoulder. They also had buff breeches and gaiters and plain hats with no trim and just a green cockade. It didn’t stop Roly painting them though. . .

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BigLee's Miniature Adventure with ploughed field terrain

20 August 2020

Lee Hadley has made a lot of custom terrain over the years and keeps coming back to the need for fields and crops for use in different periods and scales. He has made some small fields using thin MDF and brown plumbers caulk which look quite good but are quite rigid and can be difficult to use. He has now made 20 reasonably large ploughed fields using brown corduroy fabric as his base material.

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Magpie and Old Lead takes on the Oldhammer Challenge

07 July 2020

Following a challenge on the Oldhammer Facebook group, axiom attempted to recreate one of his favourite GW artists, Tony Hough, illustrations into miniature form. After some planning, he took apart a Rogue Trader pirate and repositioned its various body parts, as well as sculpting the head and hands.

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