Joy and Forgetfulness: Review: The Wargaming Compendium by Henry Hyde

26 December 2022

I have started experimenting with YouTube a little, mainly because it offers the chance to record something short and to the point without too much prep. A friend of mine asked my opinion of "The Wargaming Compendium" by Henry Hyde - in short it's rather good, but pricey for the new wargamer who will benefit most from it.

Hellfire Hobbies: The Best Air Compressor to Airbrush Miniatures

05 December 2022

Compressors are an essential part of every airbrush setup, and finding the best air compressor is much simpler than people think.

Whether you’re after a new compressor or just getting started, you’ll find the best air compressors to airbrush your miniatures on this list.

Geordie's Big Battles: Audible - Vietnam, Max Hastings

28 November 2022

I knew I needed to read this book, so I bought it, but it sat on the shelf (as it is no small volume) for a long time. I knew I needed something to complement the numerous first hand accounts I had read, to try and to get a wider picture of the conflict. I relished Ken Burns marvellous TV documentary series and it stands out for its graphic imagery and cinematography. The hurdle of "reading about it" (a much more intimate process) defeated me though.

FAEIT 212: Vashtorr the Arkifane Revealed

21 November 2022

Vashtorr the Arkifane has been revealed as what is going to be quite the opportunity for a Dark Mechanicus forces in the near future. Great looking Daemon. Great job on this one. His name has been echoed in mechanical vox-whispers, scrawled in the corners of maddening scrap-code, and even emblazoned across the cover of one of the first three Arks of Omen books. But who is Vashtorr, and what are his designs for the galaxy?

Ed M's Wargames Meanderings: Battle of Schleswig, 23 April 1848, 1st Schleswig-Holstein War: Game Report

14 November 2022

Greetings, dear readers. Before I move on, I feel obliged to include a small explanation (apology?) for my recent absence from the comments section of the circle of bloggists that I generally visit (you know who you are, I think). Life has been busy lately (in a routine way: nothing drastic), and other things have simply taken up the time and energy available. I hope to get back on track in the next few weeks and return to form. Now, on to the topic du jour: toy soldiers! I wanted run a game using my Post Napoleonic battalion-level VNB Variant, incorporating lessons learned from the Austro Prussian Frontier Battle game.