Some useful little upgrades

07 September 2017

Number 1 - Updating your profile: 

Once you have registered on the website you can now update your information by using the profile button.  We know that some people register for a trial and use only some information to get on the system. However now you can be a bit more confident this is a good place to store your information you can edit, update and save your current profile on the system. You can do this by simply clicking on the “Your Profile button in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Number 2 - Commenting on your inventory: 

When adding a new collection you can now add commentary in a note to the collection itself.

Number 3 - Photo Controls

There is now also a set of controls for managing the photograph during the upload process. You can Crop, Rotate and Save the images amongst other things.

We have taken our users comments and feedback from a number of interactions with them through the website contact form and will be adding some as we have below.

Number 3 - Out of Production
You can add a Yes or No to a unit to show whether a figure is still available (No) or out of production (Yes)

Number 4 - Comment
You can also now add a comment at the unit level too.

Number 5 - Add
You can also click the green add button to add the unit to your collection.

Number 6 - Add and Copy
Or you can click the Add and Copy to Add the unit to your collection and Add another Copy of the unit so that you can save on data entry

As we said above we will be adding some more functionality over the coming months, watch this space for changes and updates to the Wargamer Collection Calculator website.