Calling all clubs

03 November 2017

We have just created “Wargamer Collection Calculator Groups ” that allows WCC registered users to create a Group. Once created they can invite other WCC users into the Group by asking them to join it and then share their collection information. 

Invited club members will be able to see certain information on all of their collections together in the Group. The Group area is where they can review all of the groups they have or are members of and means they can see and plan what games they may be able to put on at their clubs, houses, societies or shows.

Who knows what members have got in their collections? As for myself and David we both have our collections on the WCC site, this means that we will now be able to share that information with each other by joining a Group.

When I want to buy a new set of rules (its invariably me) I can check if we have enough troops to put on a game. I simply check our collections and contact David to arrange a game if we have the figures available.

You could even ask another member if they would mind you using their figures. Using a Wargamer Club Collection Group I could see David and my own collections in a pared down view of the collection data (without the financial info of course, we might get jealous) and start planning a game. 

I could then buy the said set of rules and be certain that we can play a game with them as I have enough for one army and he has enough for another. I could even add an army to my collection and make it available to the club with a comment that I want to buy this army at a later date and see if anyone else is interested.

Once you are registered and on the WCC website it is easy to set up a Group account:

  • One of the club members must first set up a “Group” account.
  • When a group is set up and ready to go, you will be able to find friends and invite them to join also join via email.
  • In the email, they will get a link that goes to the WCC website where they can join.
  • There you will need to accept the invitation to join.

You will then be able to select and add your collections to your “Groups" account

The members will then be able to send the Group the collections they want to add and other members of the club will then be able to see them.

As an example from Peters Collection this is what other group members might see: 

Collection Information
Group Name
    Members    Creator        Leave Group     Delete Group     View Group

WCC Gamers            2            Peter RIley    Leave Group        Delete Group    View Group

When you view the group you will see lists of the members and units:

Units Information
Figure Title:        Qty Figs:
     Scale:    Figure Rep:   Period:                                                            Comments:
1st Grenadiers     8                   15mm   Infantry          Horse and Musket (1700AD to 1850AD)    Unit, 1st Brigade
2nd Grenadiers   8                    15mm  Infantry           Horse and Musket (1700AD to 1850AD)   Unit, 1st Brigade
3rd Grenadiers    8                    15mm  Infantry           Horse and Musket (1700AD to 1850AD)   Unit, 2nd Brigade
4th Grenadiers    8                    15mm  Infantry           Horse and Musket (1700AD to 1850AD)   Unit, 2nd Brigade

In the future we may extend the Group capability to allow for shared calendars and messaging so players may be able to plan games and then specify which collections each player will bring (you could do this through Google calendar for now instance) there might even be a link to send and set a date for the members who are going to play on the date agreed for their calendars.

So please enjoy the Group section of the Wargamer Collection Calculator website.

Watch this space.