Groups are here!

09 November 2017


Groups is the new addition to the Wargamer Collection Calculator family. It has been built to be flexible for users and hopefully meet the needs of their wargames clubs and organisations. We wanted it to appeal to individuals as well as their clubs, societies and friends as well as traders, shops and gamers.

Here is the help preview for Groups:

Go to the Groups Page

Click on the Groups button at the top of the page to be taken to the groups screen. Where you will see several items to help you manage your Groups.

About Groups Tab 

tells you about how it came about and why we designed this area of the database. It provides a short introduction to the reasoning behind it.

Friends Tab

Is where you can invite friends that are already signed up to the database and even invite those who are not by emailing them.

Groups Tab

is where you can manage the Groups you have set up. Add more Groups, Leave Groups, or Delete Groups.
Friends Tab

Friends Tab

Looking for Friends

Friends can be found by simply typing their name in the box provided. This will tel you whether they are on Collection Calculator of not. Under the friends banner it will inform you of the current status of your invites to them.

Inviting Friends

Friends can be invited simply typing their name in the box provided and clicking on “Invite Friends”. Or you can click on “+ Add another friend”, this will let you add you add more friends to the box so you send the invites to multiple friends on the database.

Emailing Friends

You can also invite friends who are not on Collection Calculator by typing their email into the lower box and clicking send you can see the type of email they will get in the picture above.

Groups Tab 

In the Groups Tab

To create a Group, go to the give the group a name box and type in the name you want for your group. Then click “Create Group” to create the group.

View your new Group

You will see the group appear on the left of the screen as you look at it, this is where you click on a link so you can either Leave Group , Delete Group or View Group. For the Moment click on the View Group link.

Manage the Group

Here we are viewing the group having selected the view group link.

Add My Collections Button

Using this button will show you a list of your collections. Select them to add your collection to the group and once added click the update button. You can also delete your collection from the group here too.

Add Friends to Group Button

Using this button will show you a list of your friends, the ones that have accepted your invites, select them to add them to your group. Once added click the update button. You can delete them from here too.

See Only Button

Using this button will show you the list of collections for individual members of the group so they can view, download a PDF and/or print off the PDF to use in a game. To go back to showing all collections choose “Select”.

Download PDF

Using this button will allow to print the list of collections shown on the screen on the right. Simply click the Download PDF button.

PDF Output

Below is the output from Wargamer Collection Calculator having clicked the Download PDF button.

Enjoy with your mates!