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7th Cavalry - Reno’s Battalion

08 August 2018

As the preparation for our Participation Game starts to speed up we take a look at Reno's battalion, who ended up fleeing across the Little Bighorn River as their charge turned into a rout

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Much more fun than the World Cup final

16 July 2018

And so to Sheffield, for the Joy of Six Wargames show hosted by Baccus and the Wargames Emporium. It was an extremely well organised day with more than 25 games on show. Much the best event on offer anywhere in the world that day. . . 

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The Field of Battle for our Participation Game

13 July 2018

We recently announced our intention to build a Participation Game based on the Battle of the Little Bighorn.  We started by finding out the forces involved in the battle. Now we needed to look at the Field of Battle

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We have launched a new Events Calendar

12 July 2018

We are delighted to announce another new service on the the Wargamer Collection Caculator website - a new Events Calendar. And it's an Events Calendar with a difference, you can manage your own events!

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It's time to create a Participation Game

29 June 2018

We needed a new project. Building Collection Calculator has been great fun, but we needed something that didn't involve using our laptops. And we also wanted something tangible we could take to wargaming events. "It's obvious," said Peter after our second pint of creative lubrication, "let's build a Participation Game! But what should it be about?" By the bottom of the fourth glass, we were struggling to stand. And that's when it came to us. . .  

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