Adding Command Cards to keep the Battle flowing

17 October 2018

We are now producing the Command Cards that will cover all the important leaders on the three battle boards. These will help the players to identify with each of the personalities they are representing and interacting with in the game.

The Unit Cards are working well in the play testing of the Battle of the Little Bighorn and the game itself is shaping up to produce the Participation Game we want to deliver to the players at shows next year.

The cards will give the player: 

  • A picture of the leader 
  • Their name, position or rank
  • Their command or tribe
  • Their units 

The command cards will also show:

  • Movement Factor
  • Fire Bonus
  • Melee Bonus

The native American Command Cards will look like this: 

The 7th Cavalry Command Cards will look like this:

Hopefully, this will help players to focus on the game and not the rules. We want them to be able to stop referencing the rule set while at the table so they can speed up play and reduce game time.