Keeping the game moving with Unit Cards

11 October 2018

The game rules are progressing well. However, each of the four parts to the battle are taking about an hour to play. We want to shave off about 20 minutes to make each the parts play within 40 minutes.

One of the things we are working on is to build each force a set of unit cards. 

This will give each of the active players a quick reference sheet, which will cut down on the amount of time it takes to check the rules themselves.

The players will be able to quickly work out their movement, firing and melee and then apply any results from this combat friction locally. It will also enable players to run their battle at a speed that will help the overall strategy that the players are trying to employ.

Whether that’s moving to support another element, defeating the enemy on their board in detail or just surviving the battle. This means we are giving the players all the information they need, in an easy to read format that covers:

  • Movement
  • Firing
  • Melee
  • Fire and Melee Results
  • Any Special Rules
  • Special Results

7th Cavalry

This is a 7th Cavalry unit card which covers a Cavalry unit company base. Notice the Mounted and Dismounted firing factors and the All Round Defence formation.

Gatling guns and Pack Train

This is the Gatling Guns and Pack Train unit card covering the support elements of Custer’s force. Notice the special rules around when they are in melee action. 

American Indian

This is the American Indian unit card are going to cover all the native elements and forces on the maps. Notice the special rules around when they are going into to melee action around Counting Coup on the enemy. 

We think that command cards might help too!