Recycle, Rebase and Reuse

20 May 2019

In these days of Extinction Rebellion protests highlighting the environmental crisis facing us all, we decided that it was time to embrace a policy of Recycling, Rebasing and Reusing old figures. So that meant, it was time to pluck up our courage and attempt a foray into Peter's loft and reclaim some past glories.

We have been mulling over a new mini campaign battle and were thinking about Cavaliers (Peter) and Roundheads (David). But, what to do about figures?

"Well,” said Peter, "what about my old 6mm English Civil War figures? They are sitting up in the loft doing nothing".  So off we went upstairs to fight our way into the loft.

Having risked life and limb shinning up the flimsy ladder to enter the  dimly lit space above Peter's house, the challenge became searching the environment safely. How were we going to locate the figures in this lot? Just as we were about to start randomly ransacking the loft, we heard the dulcet tones of Peter's wife drifting upstairs…

“Those figures you’re looking for are down here in the cupboard, You were showing them to David last year and never bothered to put them back in loft!”.

Hmm. How did we forget that? Now we had to gingerly work our way back to terra firma before pulling apart the cupboard in the front room and having a good look at the figures we had already had a good look at last year. 

These figures are Royalist Infantry in two ranks of figures and were very low standard & painted for wargaming.

They have now been re-purposed for a new basing layout.

The next phase for these fellows is to tidy them up by dusting them down, refreshing the paint job and redoing the bases.

This is a Parliamentarian horse troop, standard nine to a base, in a general layout that needs updating.

Now they have been re-purposed in a new caracole formation. Two groups of figures in two ranks.

This basing layout can also give an impactful look to delivering a charge and pistols in melee. Here are three groups of figures with eight figures in the front rank and two in the back rank of the centre group as a reserve.

They will also need this transformation for a new mini-campaign game in the Wargamer Collection Calculator stable of rules, called Project X.

Now a quick warning on the dangers of re-purposing old figures. When using a sharp blade to cut into old glue to remove the figures from the base.

Be very careful! And maybe put on a chain mail glove before you start. . . 

More on Project X soon.