Meeples & Miniatures interview with Wargamer Collection Calculator

25 July 2017

The Meeples & Miniatures podcast 220 featured an interview with the creators of the Wargamer Collection Calculator website.

The discussion covered a wide range of subjects, including how Peter & David originally became involved in wargaming as well as the what’s, where’s and how’s of the collection calculator and of course the big question, why?

The interview itself was about an hour long and passed with surprising speed. The whole process was very enjoyable but has resulted in another raft of good ideas for further improvements to the Collection Calculator website, this time courtesy of interviewers Neil Shuck and Mike Hobbs.

The podcast has already been downloaded more than 2,600 times and has left some listeners worrying about how much they have spent on their hobby and whether they are properly covered by their insurance if their collection gets damaged or lost.

You can listen to it here, by following this link

Podcast copyright: Neil Shuck – The Meeples & Miniatures Podcast & Blog