A quick run through our new upgraded features

11 May 2017

Our recent upgrade to the Collection Calculator system includes a new currency tool that you click on then simply choose and set the currency from the dropdown for your collections.

The selected currency is then used for your collections, including reports that are shown in the selected currency. All calculations are done “in real time” so will automatically adjust the records. The currency conversion occurs overnight as the foreign exchanges fluctuate.

Printing inventories

Download Collections Report PDF’s from the detail page above each individual collection. You do this by simply clicking on the green button that says “Download collection Report PDF”. This will open a pop up box that will let you let you add an email address that you can send the report to. However, if you prefer, just hit the print button.


You can also open the report the look at it on screen (as shown below). The report may run to a few pages. You can then attach it to an email or print it out for your records. You can also report on all your collections together as full report or as a single collection only. You’ll notice we have run this full collections reports using the Euro as our preferred currency.

And here is a single collection report.


We have started a news page to keep everyone informed on progress on the system. However, we will also take the opportunity to feature news on any other subject that catches our interest that we think is useful to share. 



We have also started a Blogging area where we can talk about things that we are working on or interest us from time to time. “All the Blog from the frontline” will feature an array of items based on personal whims. 


Adding Scales & a “Resin” figure type

We will be adding to the current list of eight scales. This is a bit more tricky than it first seems, as we have to price everything first and build the tables for every figure type currently in use. We then need to get the calculations working across the units, reports and valuations. Watch out for this in the coming weeks. We have also had feedback telling us that we need to have Resin as a figure type - so we are going to add this too. 

Social Media

Finally, we have also created a number of social media profiles and are hoping to build a bit of a following from the Wargamer community as the collections stored on the system mounts. Please check them out here:

                         Facebook                                         Twitter

                        Google+ News                 Google+ Blog

                        Pinterest News                 Pinterest Blog

So, all-in-all we have been very busy.

And the tech team working behind us building the system has been brilliant.

Thank you all at DigiDog Digital Marketing. We quite literally could not have built Collection Calculator without you.