Now for more buildings

19 May 2020

I have brought these to a stage where the block colours are in, the doors and windows are painted and the first black wash has been applied. The Barn and Stable are pretty much done.

The three houses are simple two-storey affairs and have been brought to the same level as the barn and the stable. However, there are some more details to add to these houses before we get to the "pretty much done" stage.

The next stage is to attend the bases of all of the properties and for this I turn to my old favourite, Loren Forest.

I have now slathered green paint all the way around the bottoms of the building. Once done, I let them dry so that I can begin on completing the base by adding some details.

I let them dry again before doing the flocking. I use 50/50 PVA and water around the figure and dip in the flocking and tap off the excess.

Job done! I think these look good.  I seem to be a slightly improved building painter, although I must practice my lettering.

Now I can move onto the next buildings before I can get onto the new ones I bought recently.