Painting a WW2 British Infantry Platoon

08 September 2020

The Platoon HQ is in front, then Three sections each of Two groups (Rifle Group on the left and the Gun Group on the right) in the middle and three Scouting bases bring up the rear.

I know that’s not where scouts should be traditionally scouting (but they will be detachable and re-attachable from sections when required).

Now to using the Khaki Grey from Vallejo, which is applied in plenty to the base figures as shown below. Make sure you cover all of the figure leaving no metal showing, like I did and then having to do a lot touching up afterwards.

Having finished with the Khaki Grey and letting the paint dry for a while, I went onto the blackwash stage, that you can see below. I use the wash to highlight the figures before I start touching in the obvious details of the figures before moving on to painting the bases.

I now apply a generous amount of green of the base which makes the figures look dull, but it is needed - when I add the details the figures will begin to stand out.

Now for the platoon figures details that are as follows: Flesh, Boots, Weapons and Packs.

Here is some close-up detail of the Platoon HQ Rifle Group and 2inch Mortar Group before the final wash, flocking and some additional base work.

Then lastly below these troops are ready to go having been washed and then flocked to within an inch of their lives and finally some additional base details. I have added some 2mm grass tufts, some 6mm grass tufts as bushes and some cut down 6mm to be larger bushes. By this stage we hope they look great for the upcoming game.