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The Generals have arrived

03 March 2017

The Cavalry painting went well and I am getting faster. The turn around is now about 1½ hours to complete a base, not including drying time in between. The basing is getting smoother as I find my way and I have that down to four processes.

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Thank the gods! the Cavalry's here

10 March 2017

After the confident showing with the Velites I am still a bit nervous. It might have just been luck. After a number of years out of the game, I have now completed one half decent paint job. I need to keep this going and turn it into a streak.

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Painting up a storm

24 February 2017

I have to admit to a touch of panic. I haven’t touched anything larger than a 6mm figure, or group of figures, since 1995. My daughter heralded an age of relative austerity for my wargaming and I moved to 6mm rather than the larger scales. However, now I am spending time working

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The Seleucids (312BC - 63BC)

17 February 2017

The Seleucid Empire was a Greek state ruled over by the Seleucid dynasty. This state existed from about 312 BC to 63 BC and was founded its leader Seleucus I Nicator. 

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